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Charismatic, intelligent and insightful, Cynthia D. Bowkley, J.D., CPPM, SEP is well-known for her proactive coaching style. As a Professional Coach and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, she works intuitively with her clients to help them find the best path to their true selves. Her distinctive methods involve exploring the inextricable, but often overlooked, link between the somatic self and the mental and emotional selves. Her unique focus on body and mind together is what connects people with their own internal power and their most authentic selves. This connection is what creates profound healing, growth, and change.

It is Bowkley’s mission to help her clients achieve greater self-awareness, give them the power to make intentional decisions and help them move their lives in a positive, conscious direction. Cynthia creates a safe environment for her clients, within which the change they are seeking happens organically. By helping her clients understand what is going on within their own bodies and anchoring them in this awareness, Cynthia helps her clients to uncover and reclaim integral pieces of themselves. It is then that they are more able to fully shine!

Bowkley teaches her clients to weave their own tapestry of language, body awareness and emotional understanding to make the desired shifts in their lives.

Creating Shifts with Cynthia

Creating your greatest healing and success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. And, you're not limited to shifting just one, tiny aspect of yourself when you decide to grow! Check out just some of the benefits from coaching and somatic experiencing with Cynthia.
Step into your power. From here, you create opportunities and possibilities for success.
Improve your communication for clearer and more effective conversations in business and at home.
Strengthen your interpersonal relationship skills. Healthy relationships make businesses run smoother and create happier homes.
Sometimes, Life whips up the perfect storm. Let Cynthia hold the umbrella and help you through.
Did you know that work conflicts affect home life and home life conflicts affect your productivity, focus, and concentration at work? Learn how to happily manage both areas of your life.
Balance your priorities in business and in your personal life for greater fulfillment.
Performing at your best makes you more valuable to the teams and organizations you work with.
Confidence? Inner peace? Empowerment? Check, check, check!

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