Inside each of us exists
a brilliant, inextinguishable spark.
Our greatest gift to the world is to
uncover it and to allow it to shine.


Are you ready to dig in? Prepared for some major shifts? Excited to move your brilliant self to the next level? I am SO ready to help you get there!

Let’s be honest, here. Change and transformation can be daunting, especially if it’s foreign territory for us. As professionals, we often just put our noses to the grindstone and work harder and faster when we’re faced with challenges in our lives. Sometimes, we face unexpected fear and anxiety that crop up just when we’re ready to jump up to the next rung on that ladder, or to step into our own long-dreamed-of leadership roles. Other times, we’re so buried under stress, overwhelm and burnout that we no longer enjoy the careers we’ve worked so hard to create.

I know that you are SO ready to step into your wildest success, and your best, most fulfilling life—right now. I’m here to support and guide you as you make that leap. I have awesome tools and loads of experience and training I can’t wait to share with you! I can hold your hand through the transitions and can be a gentle, yet firmly objective, mirror where you need to adjust your perspectives in order to open up to sweeter opportunities and possibilities for yourself. And, I will even make it fun!

Are you ready to step into your brightest, most inspired, most authentic self? Do you want to walk a better path to your best life? Then, let’s get to it!

Personal Coaching

In our one-on-one coaching time, we will assess your goals and make strategic plans to help you accomplish them. I will hold you accountable (and can kick your butt if you need that, too!) You will also have fun exercises to do in between each of your sessions*, so that you move forward towards your goals, fast.

By working with your body, your language, and your emotions, we will create powerful shifts to how you show up in the world. This work enhances your opportunities and possibilities for success. Just some of the things we work on:
-Stepping up into leadership positions
-Career and job transitions
-Healthy boundaries and communication
-Connected and generative relationships
-Overcoming anxiety, overwhelm & burnout
-Managing stress
-Getting unstuck
-Creating motivation
-Increasing productivity and performance

*In person, by phone, or by video conference.

Somatic Experiencing

We all have a brush with trauma at some point in our lives. Whether it is a shock trauma like a fall from a ladder or a car accident, or if it is more along the lines of attachment issues from family dysfunction or childhood sexual abuse, trauma can wreak havoc on your body, your emotions, your mental state, and your life. Somatic Experiencing, created by Dr. Peter A. Levine, is a body-centered approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders.
Many of the trauma symptoms we experience stem from thwarted or incomplete defensive responses that alter the way our bodies function and our brains process information. By gently and slowly addressing the fight, flight, and freeze responses that arise attendant to many traumas, we allow the body to complete these self-protective actions and release the energy and nervous system patterns that have been held in our systems.
Just some of the areas we can address with SE:
Car accidents
Birth trauma
Surgeries (preparation for upcoming surgeries or healing from past surgical traumas)
Sexual trauma
Emotional Abuse
Domestic Violence
Inescapable attacks (Sexual assault, physical assault/abuse, kidnapping)
Developmental trauma
Natural Disasters
Loss of loved ones, grieving
Chronic Stress and Overwhelm
Intergenerational Trauma
Survivor Guilt

Common signs and symptoms of unresolved trauma:
Shock, being startled easily, being 'jumpy' or hypervigilant
Denial and disbelief
Changes in mental abilities, such as confusion or difficulty concentrating
Anxiety and unexplainable fear
Irritability and being quick to anger
Lethargy, depression, lack of motivation, fatigue
Social isolation
Overwhelming sense of guilt or shame
Feeling hopeless or despondent
Dissociation, feeling disconnected, empty, or numb
Insomnia, nightmares or night terrors
Headaches, stomach aches, autoimmune disorders
Dizziness, vertigo, balance issues

*If you're already in therapy, that's great! I often work with clients' therapists to help with the body-centered piece, which can beautifully complement the work you're already doing in therapy.


You’re ready to drop in, to totally immerse yourself, and you want to do this major-life-transition-thing the right way.
Retiring or changing careers? Re-orienting towards your current endeavors in a healthier, more sustainable way? Stepping into a leadership position?
Whatever the transition, we will work with your language, your body, and your emotions to create deep and sustainable change, growth, and transformation.
-Twelve 55 minute personal coaching sessions
-Email support in between sessions
-Homework tailored to your goals and the work we do in session
-25% off of workshops and events (up to one year from date of initial session)

Jump Start

You know what you need and are clear on where you want to go.You just want a bit of help jump-starting the process Changing a habit? Ready to live without stress, overwhelm and burnout? Need some help focusing your energies on your next big project or endeavor?

Let’s get you organized around your goals!
Have a specific goal in mind? Want to jump start your success or change an old habit into a new way of being? This package is for you! We will create powerful shifts in the way you see the world and how you show up in it. Before you know it, you will be thinking, speaking, feeling and moving in new and positive ways!

-Six 55 minutes coaching sessions
-Email support in between sessions
-Homework tailored to your goals and the work we do in session
-10% off of workshops and events (up to one year from date of initial session)
Many people have no idea how amazing, how beautiful, or how powerful they are. It is my privilege to create a safe container within which they can open and blossom into the healthy, empowered, successful beings that they were born to be.


We have fun and easy programs that are geared to getting you to step up into your most empowered life. Want to get out of Stress, Overwhelm and Burnout so you don’t end up as the S.O.B. Professional at the office? What about gathering with a small group of like-minded professionals where you can springboard into greater success? Are you ready to Lead for a Change™?


Be more productive. Perform better, with sharper focus. Learn how to manage and overcome the stress, overwhelm and burnout so you can #PracticeHappy again!

All That Glitters

Ready to live in the fullness of your light? Want to step into your power and your brilliance in an empowered way? Let’s draw out all that glitters in you!

Lead for a Change

You’ve heard the call. It’s time for you to step up and be the leader. And, not just any leader. A leader who will create positive, powerful change.

Success Circles

Small, intimate, and there to empower you. Join a circle and springboard into your next big success.

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