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Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, or burnout? Are these keeping you from living the life you know you were born to live? I promise- life can be so much sweeter. Reach out today to start creating the best, most fulfilling life you can imagine.


You’re ready to dive in, and you’ve decided that this is your time to shine. Custom-tailored mind & body coaching can help you create the quantum leaps forward towards your goals and dreams.



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You know what you want, and you’re ready to take charge of your success with step-by-step programs designed to move you into your very best life.


Somatic Experiencing

Trauma visits all of us at one point or another. Unfortunately, unresolved traumas can wreak havoc with your body, your emotions, your mental state, and your life. And you may not even realize that this is what’s been holding you back or feeling crazy!

Step Into Success

You’ve been hearing them… those quiet, yet persistent whispers telling you it's time to step up, to claim your power, to be the leader you were born to be...You’re being called to create something fabulous in the world, to go for that promotion at work, or to finally go after your dreams…Perhaps you’ve been too scared or confused to take the first step. Or too stressed-out, overwhelmed, or stuck in old patterns to act on all of the inspiration flooding through you right now.
Let me help you step into success… your success.
Transformation should be a fun and exciting journey—it doesn’t have to be hard! By regulating your nervous system and creating powerful shifts in your language, your body, and your emotions, you can change your life. Let's get you moving towards your greatest health, your greatest happiness, and your greatest dreams.

A better path to your best life… Now.

Tired of talking things to death with no real improvement? Frustrated by failed attempts at moving forward, despite a genuine desire to make positive changes in your life? I get it- because I've been there myself. I promise you, there is a better way. Call me today and let me tell you about it. Let's start your journey towards empowerment and a life so sweet it will surprise you, today.

Cynthia’s compellingly optimistic energy, intuitive nimbleness and ‘tough’ questioning of my reality inspires me to reach further than ever, backed by real-world results and personal changes my friends actually noticed and commented on!

J.L., Prescott AZ


I recommend Cynthia to everyone that is truly trying to better themselves, not just their business, but their life.

L.B., Idaho


She has a keen intuition she uses to help me uncover what is holding me back from living my dreams.

K.S., California 

I attended Cynthia Bowkley’s empowerment workshop today. I have never attended anything similar, nor done any research on the topic. I didn’t arrive with my best self- I felt hustled and anxious. Cynthiastarted the workshop immediately with a calming exercise to ensure that we were able to be present for the rest of our time together. This exercise alone made the workshop worthwhile! And now I have a tool that I will use for a lifetime.

A.C., attorney

Cynthia‘s workshop is incredibly intuitive and logical.  Focusing on yourself to balance work, life and personal growth is a journey not a race.  And as we grow our personal and professional needs will change. Developing the parameters for this process allows for growth in the future while goals change and people grow within their own self awareness. We took so very much from Cynthia and we look forward to continuing to implement her workshops strategies into our relationship together and our relationship with others!

C. R.  & K. R.

Cynthia‘s workshop brought a sense of peace and happiness through techniques that were unique , enjoyable and refreshing. I highly recommend Cynthia to anybody who enjoys positive, energetic, intelligent interaction that leaves you feeling good about yourself!


I wanted to thank you again for all the things you taught me, I rarely ever have anxiety now. Every exercise we did now makes a lot more sense and I still practice most of them at work everyday.

Now I am more excited to meet every person that comes my way instead of being intimated or afraid. I also haven’t had a fight or flight experience in so long I almost forgot I even used to have them until I recently thought about the gazelle video you showed me.

You are a miracle worker!! I am so grateful for you! You worded everything so well and what you taught me was picked out perfectly at the time I needed.


I want to tell you how thankful I am for finding your S.O.B. group on Meetup. I was so nervous about walking into a large group of women at the monthly happy hour, but jumped at the opportunity to connect at your info session for Success Circles, and so glad that I did. This six week session is exactly what I needed. I’m learning so much about myself. Mostly to listen to that inner voice that has been yelling at me to follow my dreams. I’m finally feeling the confidence to follow through now that I’m learning the tools you have been teaching over the last 4 weeks.

You are amazing!

Thank you,



Thoughts From Cynthia

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Don’t waste one more moment being stuck in the patterns and struggles that have held you back. Get the motivation, guidance and support you’ve been wanting, and that you deserve.

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